These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) respond to questions and other concerns raised by interested reenactors and spectators.   Please check back to see updates and additions.

Q: Can I register my entire unit at one time?
A: Yes, and are encouraged to do so. The person registering will fill in the first part of the form. Names are added as shown

Q: What is the deadline for registering?
A: Based on feedback received from reenactors from around the country, and increasing interest in participating in the parade,  the early bird registration fee of $25 dollars has been extended until April 15.  This extension acknowledges that many were not aware of the early bird cut -off or the increase to $35 dollars after April 15.  This extension will give units more time to continue to gather their information and registrations for submission and to make related  travel and hotel plans.  .

Q. How will lodging be handled?
A: Click here for hotel options during the Grand Review Parade.

Q: Will handicap parking be available?
A: There will be handicap parking available at the African American Civil War Museum for events hosted there, there is no parking available down town near the parade route.

Q: Will walk on reenactors be permitted.
A: No, all parade participates are required to register in advance.

Will I be able to buy tickets the day of the event? If so, where?
A: See special events information. For the most part, these events are free to the public.

Q: Does my ticket allow me access to all events?
A: NO, The registration details what events you will have access to.

Q: Am I allowed to bring pets, such as my dog?
A: NO, unless your animal is a service animal

Q: Is alcohol allowed?
A: NO.

Q: Am I allowed to bring food and drink to the reenactment area?
A: Bringing your own food and drink is allowed.  If you are a registered military or civilian participant everything must be in period containers and carried by you.  No coolers will be permitted along the parade route. 

Q: Do I have to dress in Civil War period dress to march in the parade?
A: Yes, if you are marching at the end of the parade you will need to be dressed in Civil War period dress.  See authenticity and safety standards.

How do I become a reenactor?
A: To participate as a period-authentic military or civilian reenactor (marcher), you are required to register through a recognized military unit and/or a recognized/accepted umbrella organization (see Safety and Registration requirements). This is to ensure that all military and civilian reenactors are organized into appropriate companies, regiments and battalions under the direction of skilled/experienced military officers, and that all reenactors have been vetted for historical accuracy prior to attending the event.

Civilians are also required to register as part of organized military units or other organizations with specific impressions, Special impressions, to include Lincoln, Burnside, Steward, Stanton, Meade, Grant, Sherman, etc., or, for example, British Observers, etc., shall be with the advanced consent of the event staff only. If you are not currently a reenactor, it is recommended that you review the various websites and contact these existing groups, which are always looking for recruits. It takes time to get the proper equipment and to learn the basics of the School of the Soldier and School of the Battalion

Can I register as an independent reenactor?  
A: Yes, as noted above, all reenactors, military and civilian, must register as a member of a unit and an umbrella group. This is for the safety of all reenactors.

I do not see a rate for children or an age limit for registration.  
A: All registrants, military and civilian, are expected to register at the established fees. This includes, for example, musicians at 12 years of age.

I am interested in marching in the Grand Review Parade where can I obtain period clothing?  
A: Marcher may check with the following sutlers for obtaining a union uniform, women's dresses, and civilian clothing: (These are not all of the sites or stores that provide this type of clothing but just a few that provide a good selection: